Insolvency and restructuring

Our department for restructuring and insolvency consists of 8 lawyers, amongst whom Botolf Botolfsen jr., Fredrik Astrup Borch, Claus R. Flinder and Anja Thorheim are regularly appointed as trustees of estates. If required, we appoint teams with a wide range of experience in order to undertake larger assignments.

Estates in bankruptcy/companies in liquidation and relevant information can be found under Bankruptcy overview.

We offer assistance to companies, financial institutions, self-employed and private clients. We have particular experience in the following areas:

  • Voluntary debt settlement and debt settlement proceedings.
  • Strategic and financial advice in relation to restructuring companies.
  • Credit assurance, including issues related to mortgage and collateral, guarantees and sureties.
  • Advice to businesses in financial distress, including advice to the board/management/owners in relation to personal liability.
  • Bankruptcy advice, dissolution and debt settlement negotiations, on behalf of both creditors and debtors.
  • Bankruptcy petitions/debtor’s petitions for bankruptcy.
  • Representing creditors as appointed members of the board on behalf of creditors during bankruptcy proceedings/debt settlement.
  • Negotiations with banks and financial institutions in relation to refinancing, mortgages etc.
  • Securing and recovery of outstanding debt from debtors in distress or in liquidation proceedings.
  • Enforcement through distraint, enforcement proceedings, eviction, surrender and security through interim court orders and seizure of property.
  • Debt collection, litigation both via the Conciliation Board and in the courts.

Partners – Insolvency and restructuring

Employees – Insolvency and restructuring

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