Information to our clients

Clients’ opportunities to reduce time and expenses.

In the following we will attempt to provide relevant information (please sub-sections) to our clients with regards to how our lawyers work, our prices and how our case handling is done.

In this section we will provide a summary of a case concerning legal advice and a case where there is a dispute which can potentially lead to litigation in the courts.

Our clients possibilities to reduce time and costs.

There are several things that a client can do to facilitate a speedy and less-costly process – this in order for the lawyer to gain information about the case as fast as possible.

The following key points can be essential in obtaining these goals:

  1. Provide the lawyer with an overview of the case
  2. Provide an overview over all parties and persons in the case, with addresses, phone numbers, e-mail etc.
  3. Provide copies of all case documents and put them in a binder or folder in correct order, if possible with index dividers where relevant

If possible, we would be glad to receive the documents in scanned versions per e-mail. Thus, we can access the case information both digitally and per paper.

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