Litigation and dispute resolution

The lawyers at Langseth Advokatfirma DA have long and extensive experience in litigation and conflict resolution within our specialist fields.

Both smaller and larger court cases, including in the Supreme Court, as well as arbitration courts. The conduct of our lawyers in court is of the highest standard and contributes to the best possible handling and presentation of the case in court.

Our aim is always to endeavour to keep our clients out of the court system, and we seek to reach out-of-court settlements wherever possible.

Our lawyers also assist in negotiations and extrajudicial mediation.

We also undertake litigation, where we plead a case for which other parties have provided assistance ahead of the court process. For larger, more complex cases, we will appoint a team of experienced lawyers in order to work in the best and most effective way.

Partners – Litigation and conflict resolution

Employees – Litigation and conflict resolution

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